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Calacatta white marble price and decorative effect maintenance points

Name: Arabescato Corchia

Place of origin: Italy

Color: White Marble

Density: 2.7/m3

Compressive resistance: 139Mpa

Material Description: calcutta marble is a kind of white marble mined in Italy. The stone is popular among designers and owners in terms of material, pattern and finish. It is widely used in high-end hotels, high-end villas and high-end leisure places. Decorative materials. After the laying, the feeling of jade is moist and elegant, as if it is in the palace of the Holy Spirit.

Advantages: The calacatta has the characteristics of weather resistance, non-corrosion, durability, beautiful appearance, harmony and naturalness, and is widely appreciated by users.

Ideal quality:

(1) White, whiter is better, (2) fine lines, less lines, even distribution, (3) no yellow lines, yellow spots, gray spots, green spots (4) no cracks, (5) no gray bands, You can refer to these points to see the quality level of the stone you have purchased.

White marble of calacatta tile is a kind of dolomite marble, mainly calcium and magnesium carbonate. Therefore, in daily maintenance management, special chemicals should be used to make Ariston white marble more translucent and clear, and the general marble crystallizer can not reach the white marble. Permeability, sturdiness and clarity, as well as high illuminance, especially those who have not been professionally trained, will make Yashibai unrecognizable. It is not yellow or black. It is recommended that owners choose a more professional stone maintenance company! Before the grinding process, it is absolutely necessary to do a thorough protection of the stone. Of course, the stone must be thoroughly protected before the paving, and the health period after the stone paving must be enough for 28 days before it can be carried out. Slotted glue and other work!

Because arabescato marble is more easily polluted than other stone, it is recommended to strengthen the dust surface and daily maintenance of the stone surface in the maintenance of the property, especially pay attention to cola, wine stains, tea stains, carbonated drinks, toilet cleaner, 84 disinfection Sprinkle of liquid and other substances! ! If it encounters similar pollution, it needs to be cleaned within 10 minutes and supplemented with crystallizing agent. If it has been corroded lightly, it is recommended to use refurbished powder for polishing (you can also use special agent for crystallization) and then gradually polish to restore luster. Degree and clarity; if the corrosion is deep, it needs to be refurbished.



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