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Italian Statuario White Marble - Why is it such expensive?

Statuario marble has been widely used in decoration since ancient times because of its beautiful color of statuario, unique luster, no repeating beautiful pattern, and stable physical and chemical properties. Along with the steady improvement of China's economic strength, the public's requirements for work and living environment are getting higher and higher. The use of statuarietto marble has entered the ordinary residential buildings from the original luxury public buildings.

However, the decoration and statuario marble price processing market is a mixture of dragons and snakes. Problems in any part of statuario marble tiles stone material selection, processing and installation will seriously affect the final sensory effect.

To this end,this article takes statuario tiles marble as an example to introduce the matters needing attention in various aspects such as material selection, processing, installation, repair crystallization, and finished product protection. I hope to give you some inspiration and help.

Calacatta statuario is native to the Carrara mining area in north-central Italy. Only the marble mined here can be called white statuario marble, due to production and production restrictions. 

The white marble color of the statuario marble slab is pure and delicate, and the pure texture brings a kind of ethereal and clean atmosphere to the space, so that the people who enter it feel fresh and natural.

The texture of the statuarietto is mostly black or gray, and there are also a few blacks with green or yellowish brown. The texture runs through the statuarietto tile marble surface and is irregularly distributed. Statuario marble bathroom texture is soft, and it is prone to breakage at the texture. Calacatta statuario marble is a high-end variety in marble due to its high output and limited production. It is generally used in important places such as the lobby and banquet hall.

Because of statuario marble flooring different quality, statuario marble countertops has a very different decorative effect.Therefore, understanding the grading method of statuario marble slab price is crucial for the purchase of genuine materials to ensure the quality of the project.

In general, the price of bianco statuario marble is mainly determined by the following factors:

1, the whiter the base price is about high; (the primary pricing factor of statuario stone)

2. The more the texture is more distinct, the fewer the fine lines, and the more uniform the main pattern, the higher the price;

3, the price of no yellow spots, gray spots is higher; the less the crack, the less obvious the higher the price



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