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She is a glacier princess from Italy, Carrara White Marble was adorned by thousands of designers.

Born in the Carrara Mountains of the Italian Alps, Carrara Marble is rich in Carrara White, which is highly regarded for its low yield, high grade and low volume. Carrara white texture is elegant and luxurious, and is widely respected by European aristocrats. It is applied to buildings such as the White House, Notre Dame, and the British Museum. It is a princess in the marble family.

The white background, the ink-like texture and the delicate texture give a simple, concise and bright feeling. She has good water resistance, water absorption rate of only 0.11%, and acid and alkali resistance. She is enthusiastically sought after in the living room, dining room, bathroom, countertops, pillars and other places.

Carrera marble the glacier princess, is elegant and full of strong cultural and historical charm. The birthplace of Toscana is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and has a profound influence on European architecture and sculpture. Artists such as Da Vinci, Rodin and Michelangelo love Carrara White and use it extensively in their works.

She has an enviable white skin with a light gray silk pattern on a white background. Just like Chinese ink paints gray lines on white rice paper, each piece is different. It is an abstract ink painting. Let you imagine it. This is in line with the Italians' love of freedom. It can be seen that she is born to be a mixed Chinese and Western style!

The application of white stone in decorative design has become more and more extensive, and it has gradually become the darling of high-end design. white carrara marble is displayed in the overall space, infused with people's understanding of the home, the feeling of home, and the attitude towards life, is pure, pure, noble and bright.

carrara marble tile is suitable for modern decoration style. Because of its quiet, elegant, soft and simple decoration style, it is deeply loved by modern young people. The modern and simple style reveals a low-key luxury beauty.

The texture and bright texture of the cloud make the space more serene and temperament, with soft decorations in place to bring out the soul of the space. White is a versatile color that can be paired with any color and has a lot of room to play. In the space dominated by white, such as a peacock jade green wall, it is like a flying bird, beautiful and natural.



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