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Black galaxy granite is one of the most demanding granites in the world

Black Galaxy Granite which the building materials market is called granite, but the definition of geology and petrology belongs to gabbro, and the golden sand is bronze pyroxene. Bronze pyroxene is known for its special metallic luster compared to other minerals of the pyroxene family. Divided into a large star, small star. black galaxy of the origin is India.

There are large, medium and small galaxy, there are thick and thin points, the stone commonly used in our door stone is black galaxy granite countertop, thickness <1.5cm, about 1.2-1.4cm, black granite is very particular about integrity, that is the door stone is best to be a piece of stone. Our doors are generally around 90cm. When the black galaxy tiles are used as door stones, there will always be seams, so the black galaxy granite tile is more suitable for being used as outdoor stone.

Galaxy granite:

The difference between Chinese black galaxy tiles and indian black galaxy tile:


The Chinese black star granite produced small star and medium gold points are mainly medium flowers and small flowers. These colors are more suitable for family and villa construction, and can also be used in small stores, sinks, food processing areas, Or a table. The indian galaxy black (mainly imported from India) have relatively large gold points and few small flowers. This type is more suitable for large-scale projects, renovation of large hotel categories.

Hardness, degree of polished

black galaxy granite price Made in China, the hardness is slightly higher. Other luminosity, password, and chemical resistance are basically the same.

Origin: India


black galaxy granit is a granular structure with fine, medium or coarse grains, or a plaque-like structure. The particles are uniform and fine, the gap is small (the porosity is generally 0.3% to 0.7%), and the water absorption rate is not high (the water absorption rate is generally 0.15%). 0.46%), has good antifreeze properties. The hardness of granite is high, its Mohs hardness is about 6, and its density is between 2.63g/cm3 and 2.75g/cm3. Its compressive strength is 100-300MPa, and fine-grained granite can be as high as 300MPa or more. At 10 to 30 MPa.

Physical characteristics:

Bulk density 2.97g/cm, water absorption rate 0.19%, compressive strength 122.6Mpa, flexural strength 17.4Mpa, Mohs hardness 6.6, gloss 86.6

Recommended Use:

granite floor,granite wall,granite countertop,granite fireplace, etc.

Variety introduction:

black galaxy countertop, black curtains, dotted with golden stars, make the whole night sky naturally lively and dynamic, mysterious and sexy black suitable for some high-end decoration.



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