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Do you know cast marble shower panel?

Ji Yuan Stone, founded in 2000, is one of the leading manufacturers of cast marble shower wall panel surround in China. Throughout our more than 20-years history, Ji Yuan Stone's main mission has remained the same: to produce innovative cast marble shower base and provide a service that consistently delights customers. 

For more information about  Ji Yuan Stone, visit, and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn. Elgin Marbles are embedded in the marble sculptures of the Parthenon in Athens, which are on display in the British Museum. The sites named after these stones include the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, the Temple of Zeus in Rome and the Tower of Babel in Jerusalem. 

The composition of cement is essentially the same as limestone, a first-cousin of marble, and the two materials will erode at about the same rate. The Tennessee marbles, for example, are actually from what geologists call the Holston Formation. Ordovician (pink) or pink - and - white (white) limestone from the eastern United States, where there is much more limestone than pure white marble. I'm not saying to try to do this, but The only way to cast real marble is to crush it, so you have to be careful with what you pour. 

When the entire process is completed, a mixture of 1% is formed (i.e., help to give the cast object its structural integrity). Once this gel occurs, the slightly compacted first layer (100%) settles on the bottom of the mould (5%) and forms the base of your cast objects, while the other layers rise and fall depending on density, creating color separation. 

Having described the basic and general steps of the invention, we can now describe the process of making objects of cast marble that have superior depth properties. We will now describe how to bring them to this depth characteristic by ensuring that the same is achieved for different objects in the inventions set out above. 

This invention concerns all objects made of cast marble shower wall which fall within the requirements for resin compatibility laid down herein. These examples are intended exclusively for the use of resin and not for the production of other types of moulds. 

Different resin systems can also be used, and pigments alone can be added to a single cast marble resin to influence its color. The stabilizer can also contain a pigment compressor that influences the color of the resin and its density. This can then be experimented with by varying the combination in which the pigment is used to achieve the effect that corresponds to the application. 

Remember that the resin that has been filled hardens longer than the unfilled resin, and the longer the filling, the harder the cast marble shower wall panel will be. 

The resins used in cast marble shower wall surround applications must withstand years of use, and the above description provides an example of a marble casting that has all the depth characteristics of both methods of production. In example one it is produced and is opaque and moderately compacted, but should be superior to the unfilled resin in depth and characteristic colour separation. 

As far as catalysis is concerned, the two cast marble resins are cured in concentration together with Plexmar 140 (HK 0220) with ketone and MEKP on the recommendation of the manufacturer. The composition of the gels is partially mixed, resulting in a single, fairly uniform mixture that lacks the cultivation effect of marble. A cast marble resin is not necessarily intended to be mixed with a resin of varying viscosity, density or specific density, for example, it is resinised with various viscous solvents such as polyethylene glycol (PE) and polypropylene (PPG). It is mixed with another resin and becomes a mixture of two or three different types of resin, with the composition and gel partially mixing. 

The serpentine stroke is preferred to the straight line in order to preserve the visible streaks in the cultivated marble and to ensure the smoothness of the cast marble. 

Ancient gold calcium provides what you are looking for in an elegant antiquity sought around the world, creating fireplaces, statues and other conceivable designs. The way this piece was created has survived the decades outdoors quite successfully and the adaptation of terrazzo techniques has been used many times. 

The term "marble" is used for stone working, but the Tra Onyx is a unique type of stone where travertine and onyx intertwine to create an amazing natural beauty. The deep copper and sand beige tones envelop the eternal strength of this precious marble and fulfil the highest expectations of beauty. The eternal crystalline elegance of the finest marble is accompanied by a deep gold calcium tone, the most beautiful of all the stones in the world. 



We promise every finished product will beyond your expectation.

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