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Introduction of crema marfil marble tile seamless splicing method

In the home decoration, in order to ensure the decoration crema nova marble tiles effect, the splicing of the crema marfil marble tile will require seamless splicing. But many consumers just know the meaning of seamless stitching, but they don't know much about specific standards. In order to help friends better understand the seamless splicing, below,Ji Yuan Stone will introduce you to the standard and method of seamless splicing of crema marfil marble slab. Let's have friends to find out!

Stone seamless stitching - what is seamless stitching.The seamless splicing literal means that there is no seam splicing. Generally speaking, the seams of the two panels are not visible to the naked eye. There is no national standard or other local standards. Generally speaking, the eyes are about 50 centimeters away from the board. If the seams are not found, they can be seamlessly stitched together. This kind of splicing method is common in the artificial stone with soft texture such as granite, quartz stone, acrylic, etc. They will use the glue of the corresponding color to achieve the seamless effect when splicing, such as the hard texture such as microcrystalline stone. Artificial stone is generally difficult to achieve the effect of seamless splicing, mainly depends on the craft level of the workers and the support of the corresponding processing equipment.

crema marfil marble tile seamless stitching - introduction of stitching method.When splicing the crema nova marble tiles, firstly, according to the requirements of the product assembly drawing, the flower lines are arranged in order in order, and then the water sprayer is used to spray water on each line to show whether the colors are consistent. If there is a difference in color, it should be exchanged in time; if the color difference is particularly serious, the processing should be rearranged. Keeping the spliced products on the same line, there is a dimensional error between the products, and the shape error is expressed. Then use the ink fountain box to pull the straight line at the first and the end of the product to be spliced and pop the line that needs to be trimmed, trim it into a straight line, and then use the standard linear ruler of 800mm to check the straightness of the product. The front and side of the product are at a right angle of 90 degrees. If the stitching lines are connected, if there is a difference in the verticality, the product will not match the product. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to measure the verticality of the product with a flat ruler. If there is an error in the verticality, mark it with a marker and then trim it with a hand grinder.

The styling surface is an important part of the flower line. The beauty of the line is directly on the styling surface. It is a crema nova marble tiles based on the customer and the designer. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check the size of the drawing when assembling. After the accuracy, the molding surface of the crema marfil marble tile is made into a mold according to the drawing, and then the obvious water ripple can be trimmed. The anastomosis of the joint refers to the continuity of the crema marfil marble slab, and the transition is natural. After splicing the tail end of the previous product with the first end of the lower product, the difference between the height and the unevenness of the splicing piece and the styling surface is trimmed by the hand grinder, and the splicing gap should be as small as possible.



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