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Designer's Love - Lilac marble

Lilac marble has a white background with purple chaos, which seems like a thousand years of roots. The lilac stone texture is like a creamy classical beauty covered with a pale purple tulle, jumping in the snow, like ice like snow, elegant extension.

Turkish lilac marble is a smart cockroach, floating and floating, swirling back, creating a space effect of snow-pressed plum branches. When lilac marble tiles paved the ground, just as the heart of the paper was melted a little bit, the jade bones entered the painting,and the shadows melted into the cold. I don't know how many ancient and modern famous infiltrates. The plum heart is reclusive, the nose is slightly scented, and the horizontal oblique image is like a floating faint fragrance.

The romantics are equipped with a piece of purple marble.The lilac marble slab from Italy, with a hint of purple lines on the white background,full of infinite romance.



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