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Why do marble tile countertop need regular care like skin?

Time is always like the fine sand flowing through the tip.Sliding quietly inadvertently.And our face will grow older as time goes by.A series of skin problems such as wrinkles, spots, water shortage, and relaxation.In order to make your face go slower than time.More and more people choose skin care products, beauty salons, medical beauty and other methods to care for the skin.marble tile countertop also has many tiny pores on the surface like skin.If you do not care marble bar table for a long time.It will become dull and easy to scratch.Make the white marble countertops cost surface lose its original moisture.Make the overall home improvement effect quality.The treated stone forms a deep protective layer.Protects stone from pollution, rust, water, etc.Even if it is contaminated, the dirt will only float on the surface, easy to clean.And the shrinkage rate is significantly reduced.Can effectively prevent the stone from breaking at low temperature (-10 ° C to -45 ° C).Reduce the impact of climate on the stone, so that the stone has good permeability.

Will not weather, oxidize, and increase gloss, life expectancy is doubled.One of the most widely used processes in marble bar table care.white marble countertops cost surface treatment.Also called stone mirror treatment, stone hard crystal treatment, stone crystallization, etc.Crystal surface crystallization not only improves the decorative effect of the marble tile countertop surface.Also improved the decorative level of stone.It can be described as a value, and the functions are all together!Advantages of regular stone careHigh gloss, up to 80-90 degrees, basically meet the standard of new factory ston.High hardness, not easy to scratch, generally hard or natural walking will not cause wear on the stone.Unaffected by the environment, uniform, smooth, smooth, natural, clear, mirrored.The surface is dry, does not absorb dust, and the dust only stays on the surface, easy to clean.The protection effect is higher than the general water wax, thus extending the service life of the stone.China’s stone storage is the world’s number one..Consumption is also the world's number one.And stone is a waste of non-renewable resources.

Now Everyone's awareness of maintaining marble tile countertop has been improving.Are advocating the protection of marble bar table and maintenance of white marble countertops cost.It is necessary to look at the reality and care about the future!



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