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White marble countertop maintenance

White marble countertops looks beautiful, so marble countertop is often used as flooring,tiles,mantels,table tops and other countertops that require decorative and sturdy finishes. However, people are gradually becoming aware of the flaws in marble tile bathroom, which is that it is easily scratched, discolored, stained, and left with permanent scars. Even so, the charm of marble can not be stopped. It is unbeatable. If you like marble but care about its flaws, then you can choose artificial marble countertops, artificial marble flooring, artificial marble countertops, etc. marble countertops cost can solve your problems. What you need to remember is that to maintain the best state of marble, care is required. If the marble is scratched, there are stains and dust, as long as it is not too serious, you can clean and repair it yourself.

It is best for you to take care of the marble beforehand. Don't wait until it is damaged before you come to the rescue. Of course, no matter how carefully you care, there will be damage. When using a glass or wine glass to drink liquids, it is best to use a tray to avoid moisture. If it's a marble floor, you can put a mat where you often pass. You can also put a plastic sheet on the marble furniture to protect the marble on the one hand and the marble on the other.

No matter how carefully you clean white marble countertops, the marble will eventually become dirty, you can scrub with a soft, clean sponge. Don't get too wet with the sponge to avoid leaving too much water on the marble. Then dry it with a soft cloth until it flashes again. If the marble surface is dirty and the wet sponge does not work, use a small amount of borax, clean it with a clean, damp cloth, and then polish it. Multiple scrubbing may tarnish your marble countertops cost, and you can use polish to restore shine. Be careful to mix a small amount of water during the polishing process, then wipe it with a clean, dry cloth and know that it is as bright as new.

Marble tile bathroom is best to periodically rub the marble countertops with a slightly damp cloth with a mild detergent and then wipe and dry with a clean soft cloth. When the surface is dirty, it is advisable to use some light corrosive agents, such as lemon juice or vinegar. Never use soapy or soda powder to rub the essence of marble. Care should also be taken when using lemon juice. The residence time should preferably not exceed 1 minute. If necessary, repeat the operation, then wash and dry.

For stains of cosmetics, tea and tobacco, apply hydrogen peroxide, leave for two hours, then wash and dry. For oil stains, wipe with ethanol (alcohol), acetone or lighter oil, then wash and dry. If the marble furniture is burnt by the cigarette butts, you should consider asking someone to fix it.

Of course, for slightly scratched white marble countertops, special marble tile bathroom cleaners and conditioners can be used, wiped with a heavily worn steel ball, and then polished with an electric marble countertops cost polisher.



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