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Why is the price of quartz stone higher than natural stone?

With the enhancement of China's comprehensive strength, the people's living standards are increasing, the standard of living and the quality of life are constantly improving, and people's requirements for decoration are getting higher and higher. In the home decoration, quartz countertops as a decorative material, favored by the majority of customers. Nowadays, we can often see stone floor tiles, stone curtain walls etc. When people pay attention to aesthetics, the green environmental protection requirements for decorative materials are also relatively improved. As a green, environmentally friendly, non-radiative quartz has gradually become the first choice for rose quartz. However, the price of smoky quartz with good quality is also high. Many people think that white quartz countertops is also a kind of artificial white quartz. Why is the price of quartz countertops cost so high? Below we analyze the reason why quartz rock is higher than natural stone.

First of all, let's look at natural white fantasy quartzite stone: the density of natural super white quartzite countertops stone is relatively large, the texture is hard, the scratch resistance is outstanding, the wear resistance is good, the texture is very beautiful, and the cost is relatively low. However, natural mont blanc quartzite stone has bubbles, which tend to accumulate oil stains; when two pieces are spliced, they can not be integrated into one another. The gap is easy to breed bacteria; the natural taj mahal quartzite cost stone texture is hard, but the elasticity is insufficient. If there is a heavy blow, cracks will occur, it is difficult to repair, some invisible natural super white quartzite cost Cracks can also occur when the temperature changes sharply.

Let's look at the quartz countertops colors: grey quartz countertops guarantees the high hardness, gray quartz countertops high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance,quartz kitchen countertops impact resistance and easy cleaning of natural stone. rose quartz stone does not have any radioactive elements harmful to human body. quartz mineral is produced by the world's most advanced technology. Hard and environmentally friendly composite pink quartz plate, the surface of this plate is harder than granite, the color is rich like marble, the structure is anti-corrosion and anti-fouling like glass, and the finished form is as perfect as artificial green quartz. Because blue quartz is in many aspects Its excellent performance makes it occupy an irreplaceable position in black quartz countertops.

Calacatta quartz stone is actually a kind of artificial quartz stone. Because of blue quartz countertops unique performance and complicated process, quartz countertops price is higher than that of ordinary artificial stone and natural stone. It is based on natural amethyst quartz and is produced by quartz color stone manufacturers. The new decorative smokey quartz stone is die-casted under vacuum high pressure. The future must be the leading material for black quartz architectural decoration.

At present, the kitchen purple quartz countertops on the market have a variety of materials to choose from. yellow quartz countertops are popular among more and more people because of their environmental protection, no radiation, anti-fouling and abrasion resistance, and can be directly contacted with food. A wider range of dark quartz countertops decorative materials.

white quartz rock is 92% quartz sand powder as the main aggregate, 8% of resin, pigment and other auxiliary materials are the main bonding materials. After mixing, the new buy quartz stone made by vacuum pressure vibration molding, curing and processing is A non-radioactive, recyclable environmentally friendly, green new building material and buy quartz countertop decorative materials.



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