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More than 30 places have sandstones,let's see where you don't know

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that is mainly composed of sand grains, of which the sand content is more than 50%. Most sand stones are made up of quartz or feldspar, the most common constituent of the crust.

Sandstone rock is the most widely used stone for human beings. Its noble and elegant temperament and natural environmental characteristics make it a wonderful flower in the history of architecture. The Louvre, decorated with sandstone color hundreds of years ago, the British Royal Palace, the White House, Harvard University, Notre Dame, etc. They're still have a charm, and the classics will last forever.

The main material used in the exterior wall of the White House in the United States is mainly gray sandstone. At that time, the amount used was 4-5 million square meters, which was as new as 200 years.

Quartz sandstone buildings have the advantages of sound insulation, moisture absorption, and resistance to damage. In addition to many ancient classic buildings in foreign countries, the outer walls of many domestic villas also use blue sandstone for exterior decoration. Moreover, China is a big country producing sandstone blocks. Like Sichuan sandstone tile and Yunnan sandstone paving, it has long been known by sandstone slabs people. The color is yellow, white, gray, red, beige, beige, black, rainbow, coffee, wood grain and landscape. Various color lines

Sichuan red sandstone belongs to mudstone sandstone white. Its fine grain and soft texture make it suitable for building decoration materials, especially for carving stone. And because the geological conditions of the mantle in Sichuan are more complicated, there are many varieties of sandstone wall in Sichuan. The color of Sichuan black sandstone can be said to be the most abundant in China, with red, green, gray, white, beige, purple, yellow, cyan, etc.

Yunnan types of sandstone is a domestic sandstone quarry that can replace Australian sandstone, and its texture and hardness even exceed that of Australian sand stone. Yunnan sandstone hardness is mainly produced in two counties near Kunming. According to color classification, there are several kinds of yellow sandstone, red sandstone, green sandstone, purple sandstone and white sandstone. According to the texture classification, there are several kinds of wood grain and mountain water grain. At present, the most widely used sandstone in the construction market is mainly used in the exterior walls of buildings.



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