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Technological level of star galaxy granite tiles mine resource development

1. Physical properties of black galaxy granite price:As a natural decorative material, the decorative star galaxy granite tiles's decorative properties largely depend on physical properties. The evaluation factors include the specific gravity, water absorption, compressive shear strength, weathering resistance, and frost resistance of stone (rock), which can be selectively selected according to different types of rocks, their specific mine sites, and the environment in which the star galaxy floor tiles may be used. Evaluation. Secondly, for granite and metamorphic rock, the stone should be selectively tested for radioactivity according to the geological environment of the output to determine its radioactivity and the scope of use of the stone. The known radioactive index is high, and the stone varieties that are not suitable for indoor large-area decoration are mainly some red-colored granites.

2, the processing technology performance of stone:At present, the subsequent processing of star galaxy granite tiles resources collected from ore bodies is mainly based on physical methods. The evaluation factors are mainly the technical properties of the star galaxy floor tiles in terms of sawing, grinding, polishing, cutting, burning, etc., and the gloss after grinding and polishing. Preliminary evaluations can be made by reference to existing identical or similar varieties, but ultimately need to be confirmed by representative small-area cut and polished samples. Chemical processing methods are only used in small amounts in combination with physical methods or alone to achieve some special effects, which extend the performance of black galaxy granite price machinability. Such as polishing and brightening effect, rust and rust treatment and antique surface making.

3. Current processing technology level:With the improvement of mining and processing equipment and technological advancement in recent years, it has become possible to exploit and utilize some black galaxy granite price resources that are difficult to develop due to quality defects and have little value. These factors refer to advances in mining processes, such as the use of diamond bead saws, the use of detonating cords and swelling agents, the use of mine sawing disc saws, and advances in processing techniques such as the use of thin sheets and ultra-thin sheet splitters. The use value of small pieces of star galaxy floor tiles is improved; the use of chemical binders repairs and covers the defects of star galaxy granite tiles holes and cracks; the development of mosaic products affects the digestion and appreciation of "waste". In the evaluation of specific varieties of stone mine resources should be fully considered.



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