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As a marble building products manufactuer,How should we treat the defects of natural stone?

Long-term white marble price processing practice shows that after all, the effect of manual repair is still difficult to completely replace the natural color effect. But according to the inspection standard of the appearance defects of the plate, the repaired stones can still meet the requirements of the decorative effect, and it is difficult to accept if measured by the customer's eyes.

Now, what makes many stone production enterprises feel headache and trouble is not that their processing technology and technology are not superb, but because of the huge difficulties that stone natural defects bring to stone production, processing and operation, which hinders the smooth production of stone production enterprises Carrying out and orderly supply will affect the collection of stone production enterprises.

As long as the decoration of the building is still using natural stone, the natural defects of the stone will inevitably exist in the stone more or less, it is difficult to overcome or eliminate.

From the customer's point of view, I pay, even at a very high price, you must give me a perfect, high-quality product, which can be done for a few stones, but for most stones, it is a bit beyond Objective facts. In the national stone standards, there are still some customers who often ignore or exceed the accepted standard when accepting the goods.

In my opinion, as a demander of korean marble, we should also consider the objective of the stone production enterprise from the benefit of the stone production enterprise, and consider the problem objectively and impartially; from the overall effect of stone decoration, flexible use of decoration methods and decoration methods, according to The layout of the decoration site and the facade are used to distribute the installation of the stone, so that the good stone is installed in the most obvious place of the building, and the next one is installed in an unimportant position.

A large-scale, large-scale and extra-large stone decoration project, its successful completion depends on the good cooperation between the marble stone price producer and the demand side, in order to achieve the expected goal. Excessively claiming that the quality of stone products cannot be impaired by natural stones can only lead to the suspension of the execution of the project or the fact that both parties are in court.

From these years of stone and production and processing practices, I have learned that many customers do not strictly accept the stone industry standards when accepting stone crafts, and only act on their own subjective will.

It is often seen that many customers do not inspect the stone products according to the relevant stone standards. For example, during the acceptance of the quality of the stone surface, some customers are almost close to the stone surface to check the color difference, color line, and cracks of the stone surface, regardless of the relevant stone product standards. At the same time, the inspection board is placed flat on the ground and visually inspected at a distance of 1.5m."

When you use this clause to tell the customer that the appearance quality of the stone is accepted in this way, the customer will say that I don’t care what national standard is not standard? Our requirements are standards. When faced with this kind of words from customers, our stone people had no choice but to say nothing. Are we wrong?

Things are divided into two. When looking at the defects of stone, both the stone production enterprise and the stone demander should look at this problem objectively and dialectically.

When undertaking projects, negotiating with customers and signing contracts, granite marble price production enterprises must take the initiative of proposing natural defects in certain stones from customers from the perspective of being a professional expert in stone, and solicit opinions from customers, such as customers Unable to accept certain natural defects in stone, when the products produced by the company may not meet the acceptance standards put forward by customers, they would rather refuse to accept orders with such high quality requirements. Instead of shutting down production, enterprises should not undertake the kind of "labor and money" and laborious orders.



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