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Marble slabs for sale of Eleven basic craft standards decoration

When using black marquina marble for interior decoration,wholesale marble tile is often necessary to follow certain standards, such as floor-to-ceiling stone countertops and marble slabs for sale,marble column installation dimensions and installation standards, etc. Let's talk about some standards for stone decoration.

Floor-standing window stone countertop and vertical board paving standard:1. The window cover of the floor-to-ceiling window falls to the ground, the stone platen is embedded between the window sleeves on both sides, and the edge of the table is located at the edge of the window sleeve line at least 3mm;2. The stone vertical plate is embedded in the plate-type inner mouth, and the vertical plate and the plate-type outer port are 20-30mm apart, and the same project standard should be consistent;3. The wooden skirting line ends on both sides of the window sleeve line and is lower than the thickness of the window sleeve line.

Second, high window sill extension length and width standard:The length of the sill plate surface extends beyond the outer edge of the two side window sleeves by 30 mm, and the width of the plate surface extends beyond the thickest point of the front side of the window sleeve line by 20 mm (the extension length and width of the panel surface are not the line width).

Third, the black marquina marble outside the side closing standard:1. The wholesale marble tile stepped flat exposed side line type is surrounded by three sides, and the linear bottom marble slabs for sale surface is polished;2. The outer side of the step board is polished, and the length of the step board is 2-5mm beyond the side of the side of the staircase. The length of the same item should exceed the standard;3, the thickness of the vertical plate, the back side of the stepping plate is inside the starting line;4. Each step of the same staircase should be equal.

Fourth, kitchen and bathroom door sets stone base standard:The kitchen and bathroom door and window sets of stone base base scale and the bedroom door cover wooden base are the same height and width, the general height is 250MM, the sleeve base surface width is the same as the sleeve line width, or the outer side is wider than the sleeve line 5-10mm, the thickness is higher than the sleeve Line 5-10mm (the same project standard should be consistent).

Five, bathtub skirt board paving standards:The skirt façade is made of black marquina marble with a rectangular wire frame, and the wire frame is centered. The interior is generally made of wholesale marble tile, and the marble slabs for sale frame are arranged up and down and the left and right layouts are equally arranged.



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