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Marble, the resonance of "black" and "white"

Black and white marble are relative contradictions. The darkness at night creates infinite fear; the whiteness in the morning brings people infinite warmth and happiness. The world of black and white is really eye-opening, colorful and magical. Black and white can create an illusory world intertwined with black and white. This is the case in nature, and so is the world of stone.

The black and white marble stone creates a cold beauty and looks dull, but when black and white are married, they play a different chord and bloom with a strange light. The world of stone black and white is so beautiful!

When the contradictions coexist, one trades off the other, promotes each other, and develops in a coordinated manner. The black and white of the stone also follow this principle. The combination of the two complements each other and sets off each other to create a different decorative effect.

The environment created by black and white has a strong visual impact and is eye-catching. The interlaced combination of black and white is like a beating note, like a transforming Rubik's cube, interweaving a beautiful black and white film and television picture.

The walls are all black. If there is no white foil or decoration in the middle, the visual impact of the black painted walls will definitely make you dizzy and feel dark.

But by embellishing a piece of white on the black wall, it plays a good color balance, making our visual impact softer and more harmonious.

It is also through the combination of black and white that a good balance has been made to create a perfect and decorative black and white space. Imagine if you replace white with red, beige, and green, can you achieve this harmonious effect of black and white?

The author's answer is no, only black and white can produce such resonance and play a harmonious movement.

This is exactly how black and white, interdependent and opposed to each other, create a distinctive atmosphere.

Black stone for architectural decoration used to be a popular color, and it shines brightly in architectural decoration. Black stone such as black gold sand, Shanxi black, Zimbabwe black, black and white roots, and gold inlaid jade are widely used in various places of architectural decoration.

I don't know when it started, the black and white marble stone declined and was replaced by gray and beige stone. In fact, the value and connotation of black stone are extremely rich, and the decorative effect is absolutely first-class.

The black stone is luminous, giving off a dazzling luster. For some special textured stones, the decorative effect is even less comparable to that of other materials. For example, black gold sand, silver and white dragon, the texture characteristics of this kind of stone are very special, and the decorative effect is very good.

Silver and white dragon's stone is black and white, without the matching of white stone. It's a pity that people don't know how to cherish this kind of stone, and they don't make good use of it.



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