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Dolomite marble slab is harder than typical calcite or marble

When it comes to the natural stone industry, there are two common terms to describe the types of material used for the countertops. The term "marble" is used for the stone that is built into everything from worktops, floors, walls and even the walls of houses and offices. 

Although dolomite marble slab is harder than typical calcite or marble, it is not as hard as granite, because it reacts weakly with acid and can still be easily scratched and scratched. Although slightly more maintenance may be required than granite, some designers use it as an alternative to granite for kitchen countertops. 

In summary, it is easy to say that there is no better alternative to granite for bathroom and kitchen countertops than dolomite marble tops. In most bathrooms and kitchens, dolomite plates are a very suitable option for a bathroom or a countertop. 

The worst thing you can do is to use a too hard cleaner, and if you use an all-purpose cleaner that is not intended for natural stones, you leave etching marks on the marble. 

As geologist Karen Kirk points out, super white calcite marbles are known to be softer and more durable than their quartz counterparts. Of course there are also some suppliers who label stones similar to Arabescato marble as Super White, although they are not the same. The bottom line is that most of the super white quartzite is just as good as the quartzite of the world, if not better, if sealed properly. There is no evidence that this is true for all quartzites, but there is a strong correlation between the hardness and quality of the marble when properly sealed. 

If you are not 100% committed to marbled countertops in the kitchen, you may be wondering what alternatives are available. Dolomite marble tile is a unique natural stone that offers both the aesthetics of marble and the durability of granite. If you read the first blog, you are already good - you know about granite and quartz, but what is the alternative given the lower marble, quartz and dolomite marble stone? 

There are two types of dolomites: metamorphic rocks known as dolomite marble and sedimentary rocks known as dolomite stones. These rocks are found all over the world, where they are formed from limestone, limestone and mud that came into contact with magnesium-rich groundwater. Most of the time, they are cherries that originally appeared in the grain layer of limestone. For example, Tennessee marble actually comes from what geologists call the Holston Formation (Pink Ordovician) - a group of rocks in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee. 

Since they are natural stones, the vein patterns found in Dolomite plates are unique and cannot be reproduced or replicated. They are typically altered or destroyed by rock erosion, such as past volcanic eruptions, or by human activities. 

So this geological information is useful, but how do you ensure that the plate is as hard as possible and as durable as possible? I suggest you find a qualified stone processor who will help you find the ideal Dolomite marble slab for your purpose and placement. If you treat Fantasy Brown like granite or quartzite, you will probably get unexpected problems over time. Granite and quartzite are the most durable natural stones available, so if you're looking for a durable quartzite, consider that Super White will not be as "hard" as the other two types of marble slabs on this list. 

Each slab has natural variations, so you can be sure that each piece of granite is unique and not just the same type of stone. 

Many dolomite slabs are provided with attractive,lively pastel loaders, which ensure that they can form a beautiful contrast to the dark surface. This is important because the most important point to consider before buying Dolomite marble is the thin red veins that enter the slab. The veins on its surface can be embedded in various colors, such as red, blue, yellow, green, orange and even blue. 

Quartzite is highly scratch and etch resistant and comes predominantly in white, although some colours and patterns are caused by impurities found in this beautiful natural rock. When Super White Quartzite is properly sealed, it tends to chip and behave like traditional marble used on counters, but not as badly as traditional quartz. Dolomite can also be etched, but it can withstand acid etchings better than marble or calcite. 

If you want to create a discreet, elegant ambience in your home, Dolomite slabs are perfect for the interior. If you are looking for the latest trend and style, a Dolomite marble worktop against matt black or navy blue enclosures will make for a striking appearance. The crisp white nature of Dolomsit marble makes it an excellent choice for fresh, light applications that look like they have been applied to a mantelpiece or coat, creating the perfect contrast between the white of the marble and the black and white colour scheme of your interior.



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