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Why granite countertops are so popular?

It is easy to see why granite countertops are so popular with so many people in the kitchen, and even more so with those who don't. Not too many years ago, I admired the ease with which I could put my booties on the countertop of my kitchen in my first home in New York City. 

However, there are some potential weaknesses to keep in mind when thinking about granite countertops for your home. If you are considering buying or adding a granite countertop at home, you should consider installing a new countertop or replacing an old one. Quartz, marble or granite are the ones you should choose, but there is another consideration that you should keep in mind. 

Many different granite slabs look fantastic in your kitchen, but you have to decide which granite is granite for you. Your size, length and width of the granite slab will vary depending on the size of the quarried stone and use the following measurements and tips on how to use your slab when you buy a granite worktop. If you have not yet selected your granite base plate, you should know the total area (square meter) of your countertops so that you can obtain a sample piece with an online calculator before installing. Even if you know which warehouse your installed granite comes from, don't forget to get some samples to test the stain and decide for yourself whether it will be laid with granite or not. 

Grout is an additional expense for the tiles on your granite countertop, and it may cost a little more if you want to match the color of the grout with the color of the granite tiles. 

The main factor influencing the total cost of installing the granite worktop is usually the cost per granite worktop. On average, a granite processor charges between $8 and $36 to transform a slab into a polished, angular, and finished worktop. The cost of granite processing depends on the thickness and hardness of the granite, but the average price of granite can be as high as $35 per square meter, according to the US Department of Agriculture. In some cases, granite underslabs can be installed for as little as a few hundred dollars. 

In return, we will show you how to repair an obsolete granite worktop, if possible, easily and cost-effectively. The cost of a particular countertop in the kitchen, whether granite or otherwise, is relatively constant and can change over time, even if you choose a specific granite color. Grinding granite is a great way to upgrade it without having to replace a very expensive countertop. A granite tile will not last long, and cleaning and maintenance will require more and more attention. 

Read on to learn all you need to know about granite countertops and then decide for yourself whether it is the right choice for your kitchen or not. 

The endless combinations of granite colours and patterns are not enough to decide, and the choice of colours is very limited compared to granite tiles. While 10 to 15 popular granite colors are available, you have the option to consider the texture and finish of your granite counter top. Such surfaces are visually interesting and can be beautiful in any color, but they can also cause headaches. Use the Granite Color Selector tool and choose from one of the 10 to 15 most popular colors available. 

Installing the countertops needlessly complicates your time and money, and the cabinets that are required to handle the weight of the granite countertops can also be more expensive than your running - the - mill cabinets. There are cases where you need to support your granite base with 3 cm of granite. The 3 cm long granite slab, which rests on the top of the worktop, as well as the floor and sides of other cabinets serve as ample support. 

Granite slabs cost a lot in the quarry because they have to be mined, shipped to the USA, cut, edged, delivered, finished and installed. No matter what price you pay for a granite slab, you will want to make sure that the granite is not cracked or broken after installation, i.e. not etched or etched. Granite is highly stain resistant, although granite countertops owners should try to protect themselves from it. As well as dull spots and discoloration caused by acidic food and drinks. 

A recent study reports that there has been a media-caused fear of radon emissions from granite worktops for some time, beginning in 2008. The granite kitchen countertop emits a small amount of it, but the quartz countertop emits little or no radione.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, radon does not come from granite or technical stone slabs. The variety of colours and patterns on granite slabs and countertops is due to minerals such as biotite, moscovite and pyroxine. These minerals and their variation, fullness and variation give the granite the numerous colours and structures that can be seen on a granite countertop.



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