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Three quality standards for home improvement stone

1. three distances to observe the appearance quality

Appearance quality also includes appearance defects marble dining table, such as lack of edges, corners, cracks, stains, color lines, pits, marble sheets,marble table top and appearance defects such as warpage, depression, and stains.marble table“In the standard of natural granite and marble building boards,marble top dining table the appearance quality index rules, marble top table the color markings of the same batch of plates should be harmonious, and marble dining table set the inferior products do not agree to have round marble dining table appearance defects.” The marble kitchen table detection method of the disadvantages of white marble dining table home-made natural stone is: will be inspected The round marble table top plate is placed flat on the air, and the shortcomings that are visible at 1.5 meters from the plate are considered to be disadvantages; the difference from the plate at 1.5 meters is not significant, but the shortcomings visible at 1 meter are considered to have no significant marble dining room table disadvantages; 1 meter from the plate Disadvantages that are invisible are considered to be impeccable.

2. three shares weigh the processing quality white marble table“The processing marble top round dining table quality of home-made natural stone directly affects the decoration effect of round marble coffee table stone finishes, and it is also the primary basis for the round marble table classification of stone grades.” The technical indicators are standard scale tendency (length tendency, width tendency, thickness tendency), flatness, and angle. Public service. According to the tendency of these technical indicators and the limit of public service, the board is divided into inferior products, first-class products, and qualified products. Consumers are required to arrive at the level of the round marble top coffee table purchase contract, avoiding the use of abstract words such as “arrival country standards”. "In each marble top coffee table batch of products, if it is inferior, it does not allow more than 5% of the first-class products to exist. If it is a first-class product, it white marble coffee table does not allow over 10% of the qualified products to exist. If it is a qualified product, it does not allow over 10 % of non-conforming products exist."

3.3 gloss units 

marble top side table Glossiness is called specular gloss in home-made natural stone faux marble coffee table standards. In the current standard rules for natural granite marble top console table plates, the front side of the mirror plate should have a specular gloss that clearly reflects the scene. The mirror gloss value of the mirror plate should be no less than oval marble coffee table 75 gloss units. “When most granite faux marble dining table plates have a gloss value of 80 to 90 gloss units, they have an excellent specular gloss.” Consumers, according to their own pleadings, indicate in the marble dining table and chairs purchase contract the value that the gloss should reach, or According to the marble table set gloss value of the protocol board as the standard. "In the current natural marble sheet standard, the gloss value is discontinued by the marble top dining table set grade. The minimum gloss value of the inferior product is divided into three categories according to the marble table tops for sale chemical main component, which are 90, 80, and 60 gloss units respectively."

According to black marble dining table relevant statistics, home-made natural stone white marble table top accounts for 20% of the overall consumption of home-made white marble top dining table shopping malls, and some high-end residences reach 30% to 40%. From the air to the wall, from the cabinets to the tables and chairs, home-made natural stone grey marble dining table products have penetrated into the entire home improvement store. When many home-made natural stone enterprises seized the home improvement shopping malls, they rushed to play the “service card”, paying attention to the brand effect and suspending experiential marketing. It marble dinner table can be foreseen that the home-made natural stone shopping mall will bring unprecedented opportunities for China's stone industry.



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