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Should marble be waxed or crystallized?

Anyone who knows the quartzite should know at least that the difference between marble fantasy brown quartzite and quartzite slabs other rocks is that marble material is a kind of porous stone,taj mahal quartzite which is easy to absorb water and thus easily cause lesions. Therefore,white macaubas quartzite mastering the maintenance methods of marble is very important.

The following is a brief introduction to the essential difference between Marble quartzite colors waxing and crystal face processing by Purchase Stone:

Marble quartzite stone grinding polishing is a prelude to stone surface treatment or a necessary process in stone processing. The main principle is to use the pressed abrasive block synthesized by inorganic acid, white quartzite metal oxide and other materials to match the pressure of the mechanical grinding disc, high-speed grinding force and frictional heat energy, and quartzite tile perform physical and chemical action on the smooth marble surface under the action of water. A new layer of bright crystals is formed.This crystal layer has an ultra-bright, clear luminosity with a luminosity of quartzite counter 90-100 degrees.

marble cleaning is quartzite rock a prelude to marble waxing and polishing, marble cleaning waxing polishing is a relatively popular marble cleaning and maintenance protection measures in the early 80s-90s, and now has lost the market and the quartzite kitchen counters meaning of existence.Its essence is a thin coating of acrylic resin and emulsion polymer covered on the surface of the new stone quartzite cost (polished plate), which is often referred to as water wax or floor wax.After a high-speed,quartzite price low-pressure polishing machine is combined with the fiber mat to rub the surface of the stone to make the resin coating more bright.Due to the product update, later appeared special light wax, wax-free, etc., this coating is super white quartzite cost similar to the oil varnish on the wooden floor.

The polishing process of the taj mahal quartzite cost grinding block before the marble care crystal surface treatment is the physical and chemical cooperation process between the stone surface layer and the chemical. The surface layer of the mont blanc quartzite stone is completely integrated with the bottom layer, and there is no separation layer.

The wax layer on the marble waxing and polishing is attached to the surface of the super white quartzite countertops stone, a layer of resin film, and there is no chemical reaction with the stone itself. This wax layer can be shoveled with a blade to cut the wax film off the surface of the white fantasy quartzite stone.

The difference between marble bathroom vanity countertops with sink waxing and crystal surface treatment:

1. Grinding and polishing of marble bath vanity with top grinding blocks is the prelude of stone care crystal surface treatment. After 36 inch vanity top polishing and polishing, the stone has high brilliance,bath vanity with top high definition, wear resistance, resistance to stepping, and is not easy to scratch. It is the true embodiment and value extension of stone use function.

2. After the waxing and polishing of the stone, the 36 inch vanity top luminosity is low, the luminosity is not clear, and it is very fuzzy. It is not wear-resistant, water-resistant, easy to scratch, and oxidized and yellowed to reduce 43 inch vanity top the essence of the stone.

The difference between the extension and operation of marble white vanity top waxing and crystal face treatment:

1. After continuous polishing of the crystal layer and 60 inch vanity top crystal layer after polishing the stone grinding block (commonly known as crystal face care), the pores are not completely closed, and the 37 inch vanity top stone can be breathed inside and outside, and the stone is not easy to be diseased. At the same time, it has a certain waterproof and antifouling effect.

2, after the marble waxing and polishing, the stone cheap vanity tops pores are completely closed, the stone can not be breathable inside and outside, so the stone is prone to lesions.

3. The continuous care of the crystal layer and the crystal layer after the polishing of the discount vanity tops stone grinding block is easy to operate. It does not require a cleaning agent to clean the ground, and can be directly ground with the water bathroom vanity with granite top to grind and dry the medicinal dry grinding. It can be polished and treated at any time, and can be operated locally. There is no new contrast in the color of the stone surface.

4. After the marble is waxed and polished, after a period of time, it is necessary to remove the wax layer that has been worn out, and it is necessary to use wax water. It is necessary to operate at a large area at the same time, and it is not allowed to be partially constructed. After 49 inch vanity top partial construction, there is a color difference on the surface.

The above are two methods and features of marble maintenance. I believe that after reading this article, we can help everyone in the maintenance of marble!



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