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Thanks to these "cracks", natural marble is so unique

Many homeowners will consider choosing natural marble stone when decorating their homes. However, most consumers are still very new to marble. For example, many of them will use ceramic tiles and other materials as reference materials, so that cracks in the marble are considered defective. This misunderstanding needs to be explained and popularize stone knowledge to consumers.

Natural stone is a work of art created by nature. Marble is a mixture of various elements and minerals. After at least hundreds of millions of years of complex physical and chemical changes, coupled with the evolution of geological movements, the texture and color of marble are ever-changing.

The color and texture of natural marble are determined by its composition. It is different from artificial materials such as tiles and artificial stones. It is natural and possesses natural characteristics, which cannot be controlled. If you want to be uniform, you should choose artificial stone or ceramic tiles instead of natural stone in the early selection of materials.

The beauty of natural marble is its unpredictable natural texture, so for natural marble, it is not cracked or defective.

First, let's understand what is a stone crack:

Cracks refer to the small cracks in the rock, most of which are natural and ubiquitous in marble. With the increasingly mature processing technology, small cracks do not affect the quality and beauty of the stone. The National Building Materials Bureau has issued industry standards for natural marble and granite. The following provisions are made for the acceptance of stone:

A crack means that the length does not exceed 1/10 of the total length of the plate edge at both ends, and the crack with a length less than 20mm is ignored.

The "naked eye" detection method for defects:

① Defects-the inspected plate is placed flat on the ground, and the obvious defect at a distance of 1.5 meters from the plate is regarded as a defect;

② No obvious defects—the defects that are not obvious at 1.5 meters away from the plate, but are visible at 1 meter are regarded as no obvious defects;

③ No defect—Defects that are invisible at 1 meter from the plate are regarded as no defects.

Due to natural reasons, the color difference of stone is common, but if it is used well, the color difference can become a characteristic. Therefore, the user should choose the agreement board after selecting the stone variety, especially when ordering large quantities. The agreement board should be as large as possible to fully display the tonal pattern of the variety. The agreement board allows all parties to hold one piece at the same time to unify standards and avoid unnecessary disputes. ‍

Natural marbles such as Light Emperador Marble have many cracks, but they do not affect the use. After manual polishing, the brightness of the mirror surface can reach 85 or more. This kind of crack is within the crack standard.

It is precisely because of the existence of these natural textures that natural marble is unique, and these textures are the charm of marble.



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